Tilos Witchkitchen Series Vol. 8.
Saturday, March 20, 2010

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The second Tilos Slam was held on March 20, 2010 with a range of international slam performers, taken place at Sirály, Budapest. Thanks to the support of the International Visegrad Fund, young slammers came from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. The international line-up was extended by a Swedish-Spanish-Italian trio, performing the “Smoke & Mirrors” slam show, originated in Berlin at the First European Poetry Slam Days in 2009 by the slammers of the Artists-In-Residence program.

Kiégő Izzók (Zádor Tamás, Garami Richárd)
New Angle (Kabarcz Zsófi, Meggyes Lilla, Szabó Ramóna), Pap Dávid Tamás (Placid)
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The theme of Tilos Slam 2010 was discrimiNATIONS, thus Tilos could proudly join the anti-racist action week connected to the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March 21). The whole day of March 20 was declared as a Slam Day on Tilos Radio (in line with the Tilos tradition to have occasional thematic days when the programs of the whole day are dedicated to the given theme), there were interviews, talks, sound-collage radio mixes and live slam acts on air. In the afternoon slam programs continued at Sirály: DJ Sanyi (Tilos) delivered a spoken word lecture entitled "The Medium is the Mass.age", followed by a workshop by the Slam Poetry Budapest (SPB) crew. Then came THE CONTEST, where the winner was MASHA from the Czech Republic. 2nd: István "id" Matits, 3rd: Busa Pista. The special award was given to Kám4 (Bence Antonovics) by Gábor Gyukics, the host of the event. Finally, the Tilos Slam day was honorably closed by the slam performance of Márk Süveg & Péter Závada (Saiid & Újonc from Akkezdet Phiai), accompanied by musicians. The visuals of the event were provided by 1000% and Kiégő Izzók VJ crew.

Support & partners:
International Visegrad Fund (IVF), National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA), Polish Institute in Budapest, Czech Centre in Budapest, Slovak Institute in Budapest, Slam Poetry Budapest, BlyWorx, Sirály, Kőleves, Come4Event, Palisady Foundation, Os Fleda.

BlyWorx (Stráhl Kati, Vajna Balázs), New Angle (Kabarcz Zsófi), Szalkai Réka
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Thematic „SLAM” Day on Tilos Radio
Budapest FM 90.3
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Best of Sztriit Noiz
(regular slam program on Tilos) radio mix by Chi-Korea
Beszélgetés a hazai Slam szcéna szereplőivel
Gábor Gyukics (poet, translator, slammer)
István „id” Matits (slammer, co-founder of Slam Poetry Budapest)
Phone interview with Zsolt Petrányi (director of Kunsthalle Budapest, father of Budapest Slam series)
Slam Poetry in Europe
Spoken Word mix by DJ Sanyi
radio slam selection
Streaming of slam events live from Sirály
Spoken Word lecture: DJ Sanyi (Tilos) – „The Medium Is The Mass.Age”
Streaming of slam events live from Sirály
Workshop by Slam Poetry Budapest (SPB)

Spoken Word Lecture
at Sirály, Budapest

”The Medium Is The Mass.Age”
by DJ Sanyi (Tilos)

Slam Workshop
at Sirály, Budapest

by Slam Poetry Budapest (SPB)

Slam Poetry Budapest was founded by Titanilla Fiáth (MC Tita), István Matits (Id), Katalin Mavrák (Hugee) and Zoltán Prekopcsák (Preko) in January 2008 with the intention to build a grassroots base for the emerging slam movement in the Hungarian capital. The group found its home in Kőleves restaurant, where they hold monthly slams where anybody who has the guts to grab the mic can perform. More than 60 performers have jumped at this opportunity; Tamás Gábor IndianA, joint winner of Tilos Slam 2009 has been a regular performer and occasional host since the beginning, and Péter Závada (Újonc from Akkezdet Phiai) and Szabolcs Bíró (better known as Háborgató Maszkura) have also paid several visits at Kőleves. The SPB crew is active in the domestic and international slam scene as well; members were involved either as organizers or performers in the 2009 International Poetry Slam Days in Berlin, in Tilos Slam 2009 and 2010, and they cooperate with the organizers of Bánkitó Festival on a regular basis.


Workshop at Sirály, Budapest

For Tilos Slam 2010 the troupe came up with a group slam activity in the theme of discrimiNATIONS, actively involving the audience.

Director, coordinator: István Matits
Matits István (Id)
Tamás Gábor (IndianA)
Tengler Gergely (TG)
Zirig Árpád (Baowah)
1. a pre-written group slam performance („A Street Demonstration”)
2. illustration of the stages of the production
3. summary of the experiences, discussion, sugesstions of best practice
4. moderated group work
5. results and outcome

Video: BlyWorx (Stráhl Kati, Vajna Balázs), New Angle (Kabarcz Zsófi), Szalkai Réka
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Slam Contest
at Sirály, Budapest

Host: Gábor Gyukics
Assistance: Kati Mavrák aka Hugee (SPB)

ARLO (Oregon, USA)
B-BEST (Nigeria)
Lenka Zogatova (Os Fleda)
Wojtek Cichon (Teges Szmeges)
Laura & Sergio (from Smoke & Mirrors)
+ 2 persons chosen from the audience
- 1st: Marie Cernikova aka Masha (CZ)
- 2nd: István Matits aka Id (H)
- 3rd: Busa Pista (H)
Host’s Special prize: Kám4 (Bence Antonovics)

Video: BlyWorx (Stráhl Kati, Vajna Balázs), New Angle (Kabarcz Zsófi), Szalkai Réka
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Slam Performances
EU + V4


The European Poetry Slam Days took place between Sept. 28 – Oct. 4., 2009 in Berlin/ Germany, organized by Come4Event. About 200 European Poetry Slam representatives (young artists, members of organizations) from 17 European countries met and exchanged, worked together, or improved their skills in colloquiums or workshops.

During this diverse meeting an artist-in-residence program was held. Under the direction of Felix Römer, nine European poets and Ludwig Berger, the musician of the German experimental poetry slam band Großraumdichten, met for one week in Berlin, with the goal to share, mix, discover different approaches to words and stage creating an original piece. From this meeting emerged “Smoke and Mirrors”, a 35-minute performance at the frontier of spoken word, theater and music.

Playing with words, styles and atmospheres, “Smoke and Mirrors” explores the freakness of society thanks to a polyphonic and multi-linguistic trip into poetry. Performed for the first time on the closing night of the European Poetry Slam Meeting on October 3, 2009 in Berlin, “Smoke and Mirrors” has also been touring in 21 European cities in between February-April, 2010, either in its full form or in a version adapted for three slammers and a musician.

Artists performing in Budapest at Tilos Slam 2010:

Laura Wilborg (Sweden)
Winner of the Sweden national contest poetry in 2008, Laura writes about daily life in a
deeply personal way, full of darkness and humour.

Sergio Garau (Italy)
Practicing a writing which contaminates media, arts and languages, Sergio takes active part
in the Italian and international literary and performance scene.

Bernat Feliu (Spain)
Member of Grup Aude, which combines performance shows of poetry, music and dancetheatre, Bernat is also involved in the literature world thanks to his published work on poetry and essays.


Slam SK

Marián Benkovič aka Bene is a big-shot member of the hip-hop crew Modré Hory, in English the Blue Mountains. He also stands out as a solo artist, nicknamed Peťo Tázok. He is the head of the remarkable Bratislava cabaret series called "Celkom iný beat" (Totally different beat). Additionally, he performs in the play "SOM HOT DOG" in the well-known GunaGU theatre in Bratislava, and takes part in other similar projects such as QuasiTrio or Defragmenty.

Roland „Raveniuz“ Kánik – pianist, arranger, producer, dealing with all kinds of genres from world music and latin through blues and pop to hip-hop, funk and electronica. He has collaborated in studio and the on the stage with such groups as Mango Molas, Mango Salseros, Quasimondo, Modré Hory, Save The Cookie and a wide range of artists, e.g. Richard Muller, Tina, Opak, Silvia Josifoska, Peter Lipa, Boboš Procházka, Marian Jaslovsky, Oskar Rózsa, Juraj Turtev. He takes part in the "Ooops! nacierno" TV program, also works as a music journalist, photographer and as a producer in his own Sonic Cat Studio.


Slam CZ

Masha (Marie Černíková) is a czech village girl. Was born in 80ties in Czech Republic, where she still survives. (Studied stage design) , sitting and drawing made her talking to herself, she started shouting, and uncordinated moving. Slightly depressed by the grubby-nasty-dirty-filthy-outdated world, she found a rhythm and walked by the empty streets of sleepy town. Searching for the door of a beater, twin pug mill, where she could be totallly pressed into the sound of howling all that fat flesh ,which her paralysed brain jammed together into robotic funky metal mental emental happy end enviromental…all.

MC Janek (Jan Smutny), well-known as Batman too, comes from Brno. He appeared on the rap compilations Lyrik Derby No. 2, Naše Věc lp Hořké menu (Bitter Menu), and also performed as a guest rapper in the Czech hip-hop group Toxic Funk from SuperCrooo. Right now he is about to produce his EP “Charakter”. Beyond his music interests, he studies specialization in video-multimedia performance at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Brno University of Technology (VUT).


Slam PL

Teges Szmeges is an informal group consisting of 2 guys that stand behind animating spoken word scene in Poland.

Wojtek Cichon aka Kidd (born in 1983) - lives in Warsaw and performs in Polish and English. Between 2003 and 2009 he won several slams in Poland and has also performed outside its boarders (Germany, Czech Republic, Holland, UK). He organises spoken word events, such as the annual SPOKE'n'WORD FESTIVAL and facilitates performance poetry workshops. In his spare time he records music, which nobody wants to listen to (according to him, that is).

Grzegorz Bruszewski aka Estragon (born in 1981) – co-organizer of the regular monthly poetry slam in Warsaw, the oldest and the biggest event of that kind in the country. He performed on many stages in Poland and outside its boarders (Germany, Czech Republic, UK), won several slams. He facilitates performance poetry workshops in schools and youth centres (a series of slam poetry workshops held during the Polish edition of Poems on the Underground). He promotes poetry slam in Poland.



Márk Süveg aka Saiid & Péter Závada aka Újonc
feat. Dávid Lamm (guitar), Péter Kunert (bass guitar) & József Balázs (piano)

The two slammers are originally MCsm and have been on the scene for more than 10 years. They have taken part in various slam events in Hungary (Budapest Slam, Tilos Slam) and appear on the Budapest Slam 2 - Solidarity DVD.

Ujonc (Rookie) and Saiid started writing beats and lyrics in 1996 as HTA (Higher Tone Alliance). First lyrics were in English, then after about a year they chose to use their mother tounge for rapping, thus the name had to be changed to Hungarian too, so the group’s name was finally changed to Akkezdet Phiai (Sons of Outset) in 1999. As their words and music spread in the Hungarian underground, more performances followed, and next to small hiphop clubs in the country the group also performed at big events in front of huge crowds. They opened for RZA, Masta Killa and Tekitha on the Rza Show in Budapest 2001, also opened for De La Soul at the 2003 DMC World Championships in Budapest, and for Raekwon (Wu Tang) in 2009, shared stage with Planet Asia, Declaime and several US artists. Although they come from hiphop, since they put much emphasis on the power of words in general, they lately have been actively connected to poetry slam as well.


Info: www.tilos.hu I www.slampoetry.hu I www.visegradfund.org